icXmanager UAD Cloud Control

icXmanager Cloud Network Control

Unified Access Device Management and Monitoring


ICC Networking’s icXmanager enables device management, control, monitoring and deployment. It allows users to deploy solutions based on clients needs.


ICC Networking icXmanager is an easy to use cloud control management system designed for the most demanding mobility ecosystem.  Designed to compliment ICCN’s Unified Access Devices (UAD) – ICX10 and ICX20 Series, the icXmanager is scalable without AP limits, provides wireless management that simple to see in a single dashboard and improves total cost of ownership.


With icXmanager, users get the ability to manage multiple business models at the same time.

IP Control

The icXmanager is part of an architecture strategy to allow clients and service providers to scale networks from small to medium well into the enterprise without limitations.  This ultimate hybrid environment allows cloud controlled management to be extended into cloud wireless management with already deployed provider systems.

  • Device Provisioning
  • Zero touch Deployment
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Customer Account Management
  • Cloud Service User Management
  • Device Firmware Management

  • Radio Configuration
  • Site Creation/Map View
  • HTTPS Secure Connection
  • Email Notifications
  • Device Inventory Management


Works with ICCN’s integrated Unified Access Devices


Focused on SMB networks to deliver simplicity with enterprise features


Deliver secure connections at all levels of the wireless ecosystem


Deploy and manage an unlimited number of wireless networks with monitoring over time


Manage networks, data and access around the city or global


Allows you to decide when your cloud systems are updated on a client basis.

Solution Details


Easy to deploy and cost-effective


Highly flexible to expand as needed


Deploy your own branded solution

  • Opens partners up to integration opportunities for large deployments
  • Complete self-managed solution thanks to customizable splash portal and centralized management
  • Enables rapid deployment of mobility networks to multiple channels
  • Providers can deploy directly to residential or special clients
  • Providers have the option to develop a channel of agents or resellers for their own branded solution

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    • vXman-UAD1

      1YR Cloud Management Per Access Point

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      1YR Cloud Management Per Access Point

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    • vXman-UAD3

      1YR Cloud Management Per Access Point

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