Interested in International Communication Corp’s equipment, but looking for an alternative payment plan?

ICC and WCT have joined forces to provide your business with financing options that are tailored to your needs.


Whether your business needs as little as $5,000 or as much as $5,000,000 for equipment we have you covered.

As for timing, our lease programs term length ranges from 12 to 60 months. At the end of your lease you may buy your current equipment or exchange the equipment for the newest models.


$5,000 to $5,000,000


12-60 Months

Why you should Finance Equipment for your Business with WCT

LEASING ALLOWS YOU TO ACQUIRE THE CAPITAL ASSET YOU NEED and it enables you to leave your businesses cash alone.

LEASING MEANS LOWER PAYMENTS without placing all of your eggs, or in this case business capital, in one basket.

NEED TO GET APPROVED QUICKLY? No problem. Apply, get approved and we will pay your vendor for your equipment on your behalf within just a few days!

MAYBE YOUR BUSINESS HAS ALREADY USED A LINE OF CREDIT FROM THE BANK We can provide you a Working Capital Loan virtually for any business expense, without having to go to a bank.

LEASING ALLOWS YOU TO HAVE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR HANDS AT ALL TIMES At the end of a lease trade the equipment in for the newest models

ALL RELATED LEASING NEEDS INCLUDED IN 1 LEASE Lease = Equipment (New or Used) + Shipping & Delivery + Installation + Training + Tax