Software-Driven Access Controllers

Link1000/2000ACS are perfect for any deployment supporting full Layer 3 routing as well as up to 128 access points on the Link1000ACS and 256 on the Link 2000ACS.  Designed to work with the ICX and ARC Series managed wireless access points, these solutions integrate advanced features such as Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS), IP Forwarding, sFlow, an optimization engine, and features to increase network efficiency.


The Link ACS architecture has three main sections:


Allows control over both sides of the network using features including Load Balancing, advanced QoS, Authentication, and more

Software Consolidation

Enables advanced content controls beyond WMM and ToS, but TSPEC and sFlow provide tools to reduce contention.


Management features ensure the whole network is controlled from one interface without an NMS program which drives down cost

The software-driven intelligence engine further uses advanced options such as PVLAN, Fast Roaming, IPv6 Forwarding, IGMP, WMM, Priority Mapping, and other packet control technologies to maximize data throughput.  Link ACS software is designed to increase  efficiency and secure user access, while maintaining a dedicated performance-focused fast path..


Providing seamless wireless connectivity for offices to expansive and complex environments


Intelligently manage IP traffic to reduce contention and increase usable bandwidth


Reduce your operating expenses and increase employee productivity


Easy to use advanced features to meet security and performance requirements

ICC Networking Link Series Access Control System Controllers



  • Small enterprise wired and wireless management
  • Layer 3, 4k VLANs, IGMP, sFlow support
  • 16 APs supported, expandable up to 128 WIDS, on-premise/hosted configuration, selectable IP forwarding




  • Enterprise wired and wireless management
  • Layer 3, 4k VLANs, IGMP, VRRP, Q-inQ, sFlow support
  • 32 APs supported, expandable up to 256
  • WIDS, on-premise/hosted configuration, selectable IP forwading