Service Provider Mobility


Delivering Managed IP Data Solutions in Hospitality

Technology and customer designs are changing.

Hospitality data networks continue to become more complex environments with streaming content, BYOD, security concerns, and finite bandwidth to handle a multitude of requirements. The whole industry is experiencing a need for greater features to control and understand the evolving content of the more complex data traffic.

With over 20 years of multichannel expertise, ICC provides intelligent, software-controlled, wired and wireless IP data networking, designed to handle increasing performance requirements as more users and devices enter your network.

ICC Hospitality Solution to Increase Performance in a BYOD World

Better Cost

  • Reduce OpEx and expenditures
  • Simplify inventory and management
  • Reduces complexity

More Features

  • Better features enable more content control
  • Optimization with features reduces cost
  • Increase per use/device ROI

More Flexibility

  • Evolve routing, security
  • Controller clustering for onsite/offsite use
  • Control data forwarding

Guest Satisfaction & ROI Transformation

  • Enables larger groups in conference rooms to stay connected
  • Designed for hard-to-connect areas, long distances, noisy environments
  • Reduces performance gaps and user frustration
  • Maintains high guest satisfaction scores

Value Through Performance

  • Organize IP traffi c and avoid contention, increasing usable client bandwidth by 20-30%
  • Using high-level content processing features to ensure content delivery and efficiency
  • Provide network stability
  • Meet stringent protection SLAs
  • Integrated management & IP control
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Managed Service Provider

Easy to Deploy and Monetize Networking Solution for Managed Services Providers

Networking-as-a-Service and Cost Value

ICC Networking solutions address the needs of a variety of clients from the SMB to the Distributed Enterprise.  ICC Networking technology offers provider partners cost effective and efficient solutions while delivering advanced connectivity and content delivery as the core of our capabilities.

  • Scalable, high-performance wired and wireless solutions that protect the capital investment and expand to support growth.
  • PATENTED Technology designed to meet today’s network contention issues while delivering industry-leading user experiences.
  • Standards-based technology meet IT Admin network compatibility requirements.
  • Enable mobility of workforce through network-enabled communications via wireless devices in-house or remotely.

Flexibility & Traffic Control

Ensure Data is delivered base on routing, features, and forwarding mechanism designed to meet service levels

Improve Performance & Efficiency

Less time and money – Drive client expectations and improvements over time with technology that changes as they need to

Increase Agility

Respond quickly to evolving requirements – Video, Voice, Security, Expansion

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