ICC Networking Platform

ICC Networking Analytics unified access and ad marketing platform provides for a new generation of high capacity managed hotspot infrastructures and services. ICCN Analytics is a single platform to enable guest Wi-Fi® access and tracking for a variety of small businesses, retailers, and social media-focused venues. Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, social media and analytics applications, they can provide an engaging Wi-Fi® experience.

Architecture, Access, & Analytics

Seamless Integration
ICCN Analytics works with ICCN cloud or premise IP data networking platforms. The system integrates with Doubleclick, Google, Atlas, OpenX and many others.

Tenant-based System
Be professional. Brand ICCN Analytics with your own logo and colors for a completely customized look. Your partners and customers will be impressed.

Dynamic Reporting
Track users, devices, sessions, and various other statistics over time. Multi-level data access for service providers and their business customers.

Advanced Targeting
Easy to use targeting lets you control how ads are served. Target users by city, state, country, keyword and more.

Instant Reports
Stop waiting for reports to generate. ICCN Analytics gives you instant access to simplified reports and demographics.

Easy Scaling
The ICCN Analytics platform expands with your business. Enable multiple locations and types of clients for profitable growth

Cloud as a Service
Provide next generation managed Wi-Fi® service from internet access to Goe web apps and active content.

Video Ad Serving
ICCN Analytics simple to use VAST 2.0 compliant module saves time and heartache.

For More Details on ICCN Analytics

ICC Networking solutions are hyper-intelligent wireless edge systems designed to enable various over-the-top applications and reporting tools to meet the needs of our channel partners for tracking.  All aspects of the set up, ad tracking, and customer engagement are structured for use by our channel.

As a platform, our analytics can be used by retailers, venues, and city wireless carriers to understand client marketing demographics.  Designed for use with ICCN’s advanced controller-based (ACS) and stand-alone wireless access points (UAD), the architecture of the system gives providers the ability to have multiple business models (captive portals, device tracking, loyalty, ads, etc.) at the same time.  ICCN Analytics does not replace the need for device deployment and management as is done by activeARC and icXmanager, but is focused on delivering marketing content used by clients to monetize wireless environments.