ICC Networking launches activeARC Cloud Management System

ICC Networking launches activeARC Cloud Management System


The activeARC Cloud Management System is a secure and easy tool for IT professionals to deploy, manage, track, support, and control ICCN wireless networks.

activeARC’s unified connectivity management platform can deploy different types of features and control policies based on infrastructure requirements. When tied to the UAD hardware platforms as hyper-intelligent wireless edge devices, the system features include:

Change UAD wireless devices into various modes an ICCN UAD wireless device can be configured into.

Establish policy, access, security, and performance based on a data flows and requirements

White Glove Service has its rewards. Part of the program is the Developer Ecosystem providing custom access to ICCN software for integration into provider management systems

This heuristic engine focuses on packet transmissions to allow more efficiency, stability, and performance. icXengine has three settings providing complete control over transmissions

activeARC Cloud Management System pushes the boundaries of virtual control combined with intelligent wireless edge networking.