activeARC Cloud Architecture

Scalable hyper-intelligent wireless ecosystems

ICCN’s activeARC Cloud Management System is designed for simplicity, secure access and virtual control of the wireless infrastructure to deploy advanced features for access, device management, content control, application optimization, security, and a host of features that support an intelligent wireless edge network design.

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  • Device Provisioning
  • Zero touch Deployment
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Customer Account Management
  • Cloud Service User Management
  • Device Firmware management
  • Radio/VLAN/QoS Configuration
  • Site/Group/Tenant Creation
  • HTTPS Secure Connection
  • Email Notifications
  • Device inventory management

Industry-leading Return-on-Investment

  • activeARC CMS Included in Purchase of Device for 5 Years
  • Seamless Transition as New Technology Devices are Added to the Network
  • Enterprise and Service Provider Cloud System included in Device Maintenance Agreement
  • Legacy (beyond 5 yrs) Device Support (maintenance fee applies)

Virtual Device Mode

  • Access Point
  • NAT/Router
  • Basic Firewall
  • DHCP and Captive Portal
  • Client Device
  • Monitoring Device


activeARC CMS

Multitenant System

activeARC CMS supports multi tenant system, that allows you to distribute APs according to locations and manage individual Sites containing APs on that Site

Site Based Configuration

Adding Devices on the basis of Sites and location. Multiple APs can be added in one site

Adding devices by Serial #, MAC and IP Address

activeARC CMS supports adding devices on basis of serial, MAC Addresses and IP Address

Provision and un-Provision of Device

activeARC CMS supports the provisioning and un-provisioning device Feature. Provisioning of device gives more security against rogue APs.

Managing Groups for APs

activeARC CMS has support to make groups of APs and do mass configuration on the basis of groups so the configuration applied to only those APs that are related to that group.

Wireless Mass Configuration

activeARC CMS supports Wireless mass configuration that in one click you can configure multiple Devices for wireless SSIDs, Radios, Captive Portal, Wireless Security, Advanced Configuration.

Network Mass Configuration

activeARC CMS supports network mass configuration by setting parameters for LAN, WAN, and adding/deleting VLANs and configuring Parameters.

Captive Portal Configuration

activeARC CMS supports Captive Portal configuration and can configure multiple Devices on the go.

activeARC CMS’ unified connectivity management platform can deploy different types of features and control policies based on infrastructure requirements.


activeNode is the visibility, configuration, and management of any Unified Access Device (UAD) in different modes.  UADs can be centrally deployed and configured to be any type of wireless IP transmission device including an access point, NAT Routing device, basic network firewall, client device, or even a beacon device.  activeNode provides advanced configuration, reporting tools, analytics, and downloadable reporting that ensure the administrator has complete access to all data on their network regardless of the device’s status.


activeControl provides various types of access control features for different types of IP traffic.  The system also layers over the top applications with prioritization, and efficiency matrices based on IEEE standards for optimal performance.  Managing everything from security, DHCP, supporting captive portal, radius re-direct, and a host of other methods designed to give IT users complete flexibility over their deployment.


activeUAD is part of the WGS developer’s forum and provides custom designed access to the UAD hardware platforms for integration into client management ecosystems.  This tools allows for a more customized and integrated use of UAD hardware with in-house client management systems.  Technology users can design their own analytics, triangulation, tracking, and any number of custom features to demonstrate differentiation in the growing Wireless as a Service (WaaS) market.


The icXengine is a patent-pending optimization engine designed to increase throughput while creating a more stable wireless network ecosystem.  icXengine uses a heuristic formula designed to smooth out access across more network clients while attempting to prevent IP packets from dropping.

Product Details

Model Operating Platform Hardware Management Antenna Option Market Focus
AX110 UADOS IEEE802.11ac Standalone Internal 2.4/5GHz Up 1000 ft
PTP and Distribution
AX110-CMS UADOS IEEE802.11ac activeARC CMS Internal 2.4/5GHz Up 1000 ft
PTP and Distribution
AX110-V2 UADOS IEEE802.11ac Standalone Internal 5GHz / External 2.4GHz option* Up to 1500 ft
PTP/PTM and Distribution
AX110-V2-CMS UADOS IEEE802.11ac activeARC CMS Internal 5GHz / External 2.4GHz option* Up to 1500 ft
PTP/PTM and Distribution
AX110-EXT UADOS IEEE802.11ac Standalone External 2.4/5GHz option* 2-5 Miles Line-of-Sight
AX110-EXT-CMS UADOS IEEE802.11ac activeARC CMS External 2.4/5GHz option* 2-5 Miles Line-of-Sight
Hardware Feature AX110/AX110-CMS AX110-V2/AX110-V2-CMS AX110-EXT/AX110-EXT-CMS
Radio 2×2:2 2×2:2 2×2:2
Power-over-Ethernet IEEE802.3at/af IEEE802.3at/af IEEE802.3at/af
Antenna Configuration Internal Only
2.4GHz – 12dBi
5GHz – 15dBi
2.4Ghz – Optional
5GHz – 15dBi
2.4GHz – Optional
5GHz – Optional
SSID 16 per Radio (32 Total) 16 per Radio (32 Total) 16 per Radio (32 Total)
VLAN 4,000 4,000 4,000
Ports 1 Gigabit (RJ-45) 1 Gigabit (RJ-45) 1 Gigabit (RJ-45)

Description: 11ac 2×2 managed wireless access point

Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 1.6

10/100/1000Base-T Port: 1

Console Port: 1

USB 2.0 Port: 1

PoE: 802.3af

Local Power: 12V DC 1A

Maximum Power Consumption: <12W

RF Port: Internal 3+ dBi on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz each

Transmit Power: The maximum transmit power output on each RF band is 23 dBm for all rate levels and modulation modes.

Power Adjustment Granularity: 1 dBm

Working Frequency Band: 802.11b/g/n : 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz802.11a/n : 5.150 GHz to 5.850 GHz802.11ac:5.150GHz to 5.250GHz
5.250GHz to 5.350GHz
5.725GHz to 5.850GHz

Modulation Technology: 802.11b:BPSK,QPSK,CCK802.11a/g/n:BPSK,QPSK,16-QAM,64-QAM802.11ac:BPSK,QPSK,16-QAM,64-QAM,256-QAM

Working/Storage Temperature: -5°C to +45°C -40°C~85°C

Working/Storage RH: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Protection Level: IP30

Radios: 2

Band: Dual concurrent

Wi-Fi Standards: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

MIMO Type: 2×2:2

BSSID (per radio): 32

Supported Clients: 255

RF Connectors: No

External Antennas: No

Jumbo Frame Support: Yes

USB Connection: 1

Console Port: Yes

POE Passthrough: No

Ships with AC/DC Power Supply: No

Lifetime Warranty: Yes


AX110 Series Outdoor Access Point Datasheet 300.07 KB


Selecting the Right Wireless Outdoor Solution - AX110 Series 15.52 MB


AX110 Series Group Overview 13.63 MB


AX110 Outdoor AP Quick Installation Guide 653.45 KB


Unified Access Device Manual 4.19 MB


    AX110 Firmware 12.21 MB

      Sold separately from AX110 series

      Frequency – 2.4GHz &
      5.8GHz (dual-band) 7dBi antenna
      N-Male connector
      Indoor / Outdoor
      Outdoor High Gain
      2 x 12dBi
      Horizontal and Vertical Polarization
      Frequency Range:
      Outdoor High Gain
      4 x 12dBi
      Horizontal and Vertical Polarization
      Frequency Range:
      Outdoor High Gain
      Dish Antenna
      2 x 24dBi
      Horizontal and Vertical Polarization
      Frequency Range: 4750-5850MHz
      High strength LMR240 coax cable
      2 N-mail connectors
      IEEE802.3af/at PoE with 15W/30W
      100/1000Base-T speed
      Internal AC/DC converter
      Weather resistant Weather resistant Weather resistant Weather resistant Weather resistant Indoor use